Family Adventures!

September 16, 2021

Our one day or half day Hong Kong Tour and our Three day Cycle the Castle Houses of South China are ideal for families.  We have accomodated as young as 3!  We have bike seats for the real young ones, attachable frames for the 6-9 year old and 24" wheeled frames for the 10+ year old.

Children have the same price and we can accept from age 3 on up.  Aged 3-6 we put in child seats mounted on the parents bikes.  Aged 6-9 we have an attachable one wheeled bike we attach to the parents bike.  10 and over should be able to ride their own bike (we can provide a smaller frame and/or 24” wheeled frame).   It takes the same amount of work for a child due to the equipment set up so that is why we charge the same.  However,if a family with three or more children joins a tour we can consider a third, fourth etc. child discount of 15% each.


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