School and Custom Groups

June 12, 2022

Hike the Wild Wall and listen to engaging lectures by conservationists.  Cycle, Hike, Raft or Boat amongst rare wildlife in Exotic Borneo...

Serve at sustainable farms alongside Tribes or Orphans that benefit directly from them.  Drink some Yak Butter Tea in Tibet.  Follow the Tea Horse Trail and live history in the Tiger Leaping Gorge...

We have intimate insight into the diverse peoples, places and cultures of our region.  Our tour managers and local guides are bilingual and incorporate the best of both worlds east and west.  Safety is paramount and our leaders are trained in risk management and first aid.  All of us enjoy engaging with youth and teachers as well as leading out in service as an example. "It's not about me" is what we hope students will gain from their experience of serving others and/or their physical challenge. offers tours to all of China (including Tibet), Mongolia, Borneo Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Take some time to browse through our offerings and lets start a dialogue.  Perhaps you have something unique you want to add, just let us know!

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