Kaiping World Heritage

August 31, 2021

Cycle the Castle Houses of South China! Visa upon arrival!

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Castle Houses

Minimum participation to depart is a group of 4 participants.

Pricing is based on our minimum departure of four participants @ USD1,140/person. More favorable pricing for larger groups: 10+ USD800/person 5-9 USD1,000/person

Castle Houses South China
South China

Mountain Bike the Kaiping World Heritage Site just three hours from Hong Kong!

This unique bike trip covers a 100km circuit over three days, touring through the "Castle Houses" villages that makeup Kaiping County, an area that first saw mass immigration westward and subsequent returning wealth and architecture a century ago. Pass through sky-high bamboo forests, hidden majestic mansions and towers (castle houses), bustling market day towns, and stay each of two nights in the comfortable H Hotel.

Painstakingly researched using satellite imagery and GPS technology allows us to exchange the frenetic freeways of new China for farm tracks, village paths, and cycling greenways of old, for a truly "off the beaten track" experience.

All tours are fully supported and inclusive of the round trip ferry to China, China visa on arrival as necessary, vehicle and guide support, bikes, meals, and accommodations. Rendezvous stops with our air-conditioned support vehicle carefully planned at 30-40 minute intervals, replenishing essentials such as water, fruit, or a quick nap on the bus. This will leave you to enjoy cycling at a pace and serenity in perfect harmony with your surroundings.

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Souvenir Cycling Shirts included in the tour price!

Note: May through September is the hot and rainy season. Typhoons may occur and cancellation/refunds are possible on a Typhoon level 3 or more or a Black Storm Warning which grounds the hovercraft.

Itinerary for our Cycling the Castle Houses Exploration:

Day 1:

A 3 hour Ferry journey will bring us to Jiangmen for our entry procedures to China. A 1-hour coach ride brings us to Kaiping. From here we will cycle along the river to Chi Kan Village from Nan Lou - the Southern Defense Tower. We will have lunch in the historic town of Chikan. This is where we will also stay this first night. After lunch, we will ride out of town through Chikan District to Ma Jiang Long, a historic castle house village in Guangdong. After exploration, we will ride back to Chikan to settle into our hotel and relax by the canal taking in this historic “little Amsterdam of China”. Lots to explore! The whole cycle journey will be around 17 miles ( 27 km) today. Dinner and Overnight in Chikan.

Day 2:

Today’s castle lane brings you to the mansions of Li Yuan and then on to Zili Village from Chikan. The cycling distance around these two stops of interest is 6 miles. Once you have finished your exploration of Zili village, you will cycle about 4 miles to village “49” and then bus or ride 6.5 miles to your lunch spot at Sha Hu (Sandy Lake). The afternoon ride will be mostly some village paths, forest trails, and roads, not very famous but beautiful, such as Shengtang. Your last stop today is the castle house of Jin Jiang Li. The whole cycle distance today will be around 37 miles (59 km). After a fantastic ride today we will be coached back to Chikan for our second night in the same hotel and dinner.

Day 3:

After breakfast and check out from the hotel we will explore the castle houses and villages from Chikan south of the river to Kaiping, it will be around a 12-mile journey (19km). We will have lunch in Kaiping and then coach back to our departure ferry for Hong Kong.

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