Frequently Asked Questions


January 5, 2022

What Kind of Rider do I have to be to go on your tour?

Do You Rent Bikes?

We are already providing one for you!  It's included! Our bikes are exclusively for our tour package use.   We do have some tours that do not include a bike in some Tibetan areas.  HIgher end Bikes are available for rent on those tours specifically and extra costs are noted as such.

Can I bring my own bike?

You may, we do not give you any breaks in price however and you will need to consider the cost of shipping, boxing and insurance.

If I bring my riding shoes...

If I bring my riding shoes, can you put clipless pedals on my rental bike for me? What about my seat?
If you bring your own shoes and pedals, we will put your pedals on our bike for you. does not supply clipless pedals.  Only too happy to swap seats as well.

Why so expensive?

Why do cycling and hiking tours seem to be more expensive than another tour to the same destination?
Several reasons.  1) Group sizes are small intentionally.  Instead of 40+ on a bus we will be 4-12 with the same services needed by the big bus tour plus more: 2) Local guide and a bike or hike guide expert (paid higher and higher expectation)  and specific to bike tours: 3) Add bike warehousing, maintenance, and shipping to the overhead 4) Add a support Lorry (Truck) and one more driver as staff.

When are the tours available? What is the weather like?

Our tours are available year-round.  Due to quite hot and wet conditions in Hong Kong and South China in the months of May through August you may want to consider tours we operate in other parts of Asia in those months.  Likewise, we usually don't operate our Sabah, Malaysia tours in the months of November through February.  Mongolia has the most limited season being June through August.  New Zealand due to a very cold winter on the South Island would operate from September through  March.

How far will we ride?

Our shortest tour is our one-day tour in Hong Kong at 26km (16 miles) around lunch.  For the rest of our multi-day tours average daily riding distance is between 50 -100km (31-62 miles) over each full day.  We have support vehicles with every tour and every destination so that you can ride the amount you like.  The exception is Hong Kong where we do not offer a support vehicle service.

What should I wear?

 Closed-toed shoes, polypropylene shirts, biking-specific gloves, and bike shorts or regular shorts are recommended. Be prepared for the occasional weather change by bringing a light rain jacket or warmer top layer. Jeans and non-athletic shoes are not recommended. Helmets are required and are provided if you don't have your own.  We will send you a complete packing list specific to your tour.

What are meals like?

Day tour lunch is an amazing selection of Dim Sum - bite-sized pieces of flavor steamed in a bamboo basket.  Our all-inclusive Multi-day tours will have different meals each day consisting of picnic lunches, Chinese main dishes, and soup with rice or noodles.  Eating is usually family-style with the exception of Malaysia.  There the preference will be buffet style. Vegetarian options can be arranged.

How many people will be on my tour?

 Single-day and multi-day tours composed of individual bookings average between four to ten participants. Group bookings are typically between 10-30.  We don't recommend group sizes over 40.

What if I cancel?

What is your cancellation policy?
If you choose to cancel a confirmed booking, the following cancellation charges will apply from the date of our being informed:
31 to 40 Days 30 % of tour fee
21 to 30 Days 50 % of tour fee
15 to 20 Days 75 % of tour fee
0 to 14 Days Full Payment

How do I pay?

Payments for your tour come with many options. You can pay online with your credit card or PayPal at our "Book Now or Indicate Interest" page upon completing your booking procedures.   If you would rather pay with a wire transfer we can do that as well.  Our account is in the USA and if you are wanting to wire transfer to our bank outside of the USA we highly recommend the following service. Send money bank to bank with charges as low as USD2 and full market value on your exchange.

We would highly recommend Transfer Wise which sends monies internationally bank to bank with low fees and transparent exchange rates.
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