Student Engagement with Tangible Benefits for the Community

September 3, 2021


Over the years we have had many amazing service opportunities serving the efforts of NGOs operating around Asia.  With each and every experience we are always keeping our eyes open for further efforts that your students can benefit from.

We have been privileged to partner with:

The Zigen Fund in Guizhou, China

Go2Serve Foundation Ltd in N.Sichuan and N.Guangdong, China

The Bright Connection Home in Hainan Island, China

The Great Wall Conservation Society


The Sea Turtle Conservancy, Sabah Malaysia

Crossroads International Hong Kong

LangFang Orphanage,  China

Children's Charity International in Hunan, China

Caring for the Future Orphanage, Sabah Malaysia

Hats off to Chinese International School, Hong Kong!

If there was an award for the most committed school in service that we have had the privilege of working with, it would be the Chinese International School of Hong Kong.  Their dedicated team of teachers has allowed the students themselves to design the service project and its impacts pre-trip.  They then have an assessment post-trip with recommendations for the next year.


Two ways CIS impacted communities:  

In North Sichuan through a Cycling and Service trip on the Tibetan Grasslands and the tourist development of Jiuzhaigou National Park.  CIS students considered how tourism was not benefitting the local community tangibly.  CIS completed a tourism and asset management assessment for a Tibetan village.  This resulted in data the village Eco-Tourism development could use.  The students also published a website and created promotional brochures in English and Chinese for the eco-tourism projects of the village all coordinated with a Lonely Planet listing.  In Hainan Island, CIS went deeper and deeper into how to help the village schools in the mountains of the Li Minority with each successive annual trip.  They built on efforts and they are paying off.  In the same region CIS committed to serving at The Bright Connections Handicapped Center and on their own initiative have raised funds for the ongoing work of the center. To top that off they have formed their own groups and used their own funds to travel and serve on weekends flying from Hong Kong!

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